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Posted on March 27, 2014 by Beth Markel

I am very grateful that I have a quilt hanging in Art Quilt Elements outside Philly at the Wayne Art Center for the next month, so if you are in the area, it’ an exciting and eclectic show.  I have only seen some of the pictures, but the quilts I’ve seen are smashing!  With an attitude of gratitude, I was notified that I was awarded The Leslie Patterson Award for Best Use of Color.  Considering the caliber of quilts & textiles in AQE, this is a tremendous honor ~ Thank you!

 A number of people have asked why I don’t have the ribbons or awards I’ve won on my webpage, or figuring prominently in my blogs or photos.  The really simple answer is, I’d like my work to speak for itself.  Ribbons, awards, and cash prizes are a happy bonus, but neither what drives me to create, nor the goal of why I create.

I am inspired when I see the bright blue sky after so many cloudy and dreary, winter days.

I am inspired when the snow finally begins to melt and it’s a slightly warm morning, so fog is hanging near the ground creating a mystical, mythical place.

I am inspired when I see the bright orange lines of a Shinola bicycle, made in Detroit, looking like candy, waiting to be tested for balance – and the joy of wind in your face when speeding along on that bright orange bicycle.

Shinola Orange - made in Detroit

Shinola Orange – made in Detroit

I am inspired when just the very tippy tops of my purple & yellow crocus have pushed their way through the snow, having survived a remarkably long and brutally cold season.

I am inspired and filled with ideas when I come across antique UFO’s which are finally going into a quilt…

Antique UFO's

Antique UFO’s

I am inspired when I see progress on a difficult piece I’ve been working on since last spring…the endless project called “Spring Storm.”

Spring Storm in Progress

Spring Storm in Progress

I am inspired when my husband brings my breakfast down to the sewing room, because he knows I’m on a deadline.

Egg Frittata ~ YUM!

Egg Frittata ~ YUM!

So perhaps I am easily inspired.  Perhaps I am just enjoying the daily, ordinary miracles of life, cultivating an attitude-of-gratitude, which I hope will translate into my work.  Isn’t that where I started this discussion?

Be inspired!




Kim Wolf on April 2, 2014

Congratulations, my dearest friend! So happy that many were blessed by your beautiful, hard work. Love ya! K~

margo clyma on April 12, 2014

I received your nice thank you note. And am now enjoying your web site and reading your blog. I have been busy giving tours of the AQE exhibit and your very colorful piece receives very nice comments from the viewers. I will continue to track your work. My best wishes to you. Margo

Jeanne Marklin on April 27, 2014

Beth, I also feel a deep sense of gratitude for things around me - mostly nature, but also things like family photo's, my sweet dog, and my wonderful husband and family. I am also grateful that I am a person who feels grateful. It is good to know that it is easy to be happy and not everyone can feel that, and so I am grateful!

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