Beth Markel


Posted on January 31, 2023 by Beth Markel

I have not posted regularly since this project looks much the same, week after week. The variation from block-to-block is color, pattern, and shapes within each 3/4″ finished block. While all 3 of those design elements are critical, in such small scale you have to look pretty closely to discern them.

62″ x 62″
84 blocks x 84 blocks = 7,056 blocks

This would be a very different work if not for the tiny black/white fabrics, which lighten it up. Since there is no “pattern” but rather just chaos to look at, this is a good example of visual texture. It will be a while before I make another one of these, but I love how this looks.

Photographs by Johnston Photography, so big thanks!

Look at things in a new way today!

Cheers, Beth



Michelle Weatherson on January 31, 2023

Absolutely spectacular Beth! You should be very proud of how this turned out--and perhaps even more proud at the tenacity you exhibited in seeing it through. Love it!

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