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Design Wall Friday, 9-22-17

Posted on September 23, 2017 by Beth Markel

This is the continuation of what has been on my design wall for several months.  It’s really been a roller coaster, as I’ve sorted through grief in losing my sister.  It is not finished yet, and I posted it to facebook this morning on The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters page, looking for advice.  Since this quilt has really taken on a life of meaning for me, I didn’t know whether to dig into my stash and make it rectangular, or continue while adding space between the elements that are already together.

I thought I would just look at it one day and say, “Yep, finished.”  This is just not the case for this piece, and I wonder how others decide when a work is finished?  If you’re working from a traditional pattern, you make the required number of blocks, decide how to set them, and what, if any, you want the borders to be.  While I love traditional piecing, there’s often not a lot of choice, except in fabric colors/patterns.

As one of the posts said, “It very much looks like the crazy, messy, loving, complicated relationship that sisters have.”  What a great way to summarize the relationship I had with my sister.  What a great way to summarize a lot of relationships!

So while the hunt for a new iron continues…here’s what is on my design wall.

The size is top to bottom, about 70″ right now, and left-to-right roughly 60″ but I didn’t start out with any real plan as to size.

DWF_9_22_17_Early A.M.





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