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Design-Wall-Friday, April 14, 2017

Posted on April 15, 2017 by Beth Markel

Last week at this time, I thought for sure this top would be finished, but I keep expanding it, thinking of conversations I had with my sister, and eventually how those conversations ended when she passed.

I’d like to yell at her for dying way too soon.

I’d like to hug her and never let go.

I’d like to have coffee with her at Bean & Leaf, talking and laughing until our faces hurt.

When she was diagnosed with leukemia, and wanted to talk on the phone, sometimes she would just call and say, “I’m here.  Can you just talk and keep me company?  I’m too tired to say anything, but tell me a story.”  So I would launch into memories that often began with, “Remember the time we…”

There was the time we walked in the surf on Sanibel Island until we were positively cooked.  To off-set our sun-burn, we painted our fingernails blue~

There was the time we hiked in Sedona and spent a 3-day weekend in the Red Rock canyons.  We were hiking and came across a guy sunning himself on a rock ledge – totally naked~

There was the time we were shopping in downtown Phoenix and a thunderstorm blew through and we both dashed for cover, only to land on our butts because we were both wearing flip-flops and the water created a sort of hydro-plane!

There was the time we were shopping in the Potomac Mill Outlet Mall outside Washington, D.C., and my tennis shoes squeaked, but only until lunch where we both had burgers and daiquiris, then she bought me a new pair of tennis shoes…which lit up as I walked, and she found highly amusing~

There was the time…

Design Wall Friday 4_15_17

Design Wall Friday 4_15_17





Diane F Simancek on April 16, 2017

Your quilt is such a beautiful tribute to your sister and your close relationship with her. Some sisters fight like cats and dogs..........and never achieve closeness. Yes, she certainly was gone too soon. But, it sounds that you two spent some WONDERFUL times together. Fortunate that you have those special memories. Eventually, it will get easier...I promise. Bless you!

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