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Design Wall Friday – DWF

Posted on March 4, 2017 by Beth Markel

Hi All,

This project is coming along – with a lot of thought given to the conversations that my sister and I had over the years, conversations I would like to have with her today, and milestones that she missed.  How we would have celebrated when our kids graduated from high school, then college!  How she would have loved being at both my children’s weddings, dancing in the grass, laughing until our sides aches – and while we disagreed about many things, including politics, we always listened to each other before we discussed things – she was my first and lasting best friend – and it’s taken me a while to reach this point of thinking about conversations – interrupted.

Interrupted Conversations WIP 3_3_17


Next, this is an “inchie” project.  I see the inchies on Pinterest and marvel at them, and this is part of a project for the small art quilt group I’m part of, but this is not in my wheelhouse.  I like small.  I can piece super-small – but making inchies is a challenge because, well, they have to be more uniform than free-form.  Here’s my first attempt, and the final project is only 12″ x 12″ finished, so I’ll keep plugging along – but there’s no love here so far!


Design Wall Friday 3_3_17 02 Inchies


Making every day count~




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