Beth Markel

Early results are in…

Posted on June 23, 2012 by Beth Markel

I’ve been nursing a vat of indigo in my garage all week – my husband thinks I’ve lost my marbles!  Since a number of people have asked to see the results, I thought I would post these photos.  It isn’t my favorite Cherrywood, but there will definately be a place for these pieces…a special thanks to Claire Benn of C2C who told me about stitching with polyester thread, which is how the evenly striped piece came about.  Note to self: when stitching on the machine for resist, use longer stitches!



 Poker chips make an awesome resist…next time might use canning lids and buttons…







 This is the pole-tied piece that was pictured in the last post.  Unwrapped, untied, set, dried, and glorious!






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