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Falling Leaves…

Posted on October 26, 2012 by Beth Markel

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I am so utterly enjoying the beautiful Fall weather here in Michigan.  It’s been such a glorious season!  It was fun to turn a corner at VanHoosen Farm in Rochester Hills and discover a children’s garden, where I found the clay-pot-people sitting and chatting – or to walk to the flag pole and find hundreds of pumpkins just over the stone wall – waiting to be carved.  We drove to a wedding in Kettering, Ohio last weekend, and the rolling fields were golden foregrounds for the stands of Maples, Pine, and Oak trees.  The deep green Pines were subdued next to the magnificent blazes of red, golds, oranges and yellows.  From a distance, the colors are distinct, but the shapes of the trees meld together in perfect harmony.  Up close, the leaves on the ground crunch and disintegrate under my boots.  The air has a distinct chill now, and I savor the last days of Autumn sunshine.


VanHoosen Pumpkins

Polen Farm, Kettering, OH


Polen Farm Barn



Ohio Rest Stop


As an artist, I would like to capture the sensations of change, transformation and joy.  Color will continue to be the backbone of my art.  Technical skills are important, as I want my quilts to be around 100 years from now. Images influence me.  The thoughts and feelings an image might conjure in my artist soul – inspire me. 


Harvest Inspiration





Harvest Inspiration Result…the beginning of something new





I also like to shop for fabric…and in my travels discovered another fabulous quilt shop just outside Indianapolis.  It’s called Quilt Quarters, in Carmel, Indiana.  While it sits on a fairly busy street, and my first impression was that it looks a little bit industrial, walking in was, well, HEAVEN!  They have walls and walls of fabric, over 6,000 bolts to be exact (yes, that does say six-thousand), they are a Bernina dealer, have kits, Japanese fabrics, patterns, Aunt Gracie, tons of batiks… well, you get the picture.  They also have the supremely important Husband Couch.  When you’ve been driving all over the Midwest every weekend, it’s good for the Man of the House to have a place to put his feet up while I’m running my hands over yards and yards of possibilities!  They also have a great work space where classes are held, and a Studio time where you can go and learn or practice new techniques, especially if you want to take a class and can’t get there during actual class time.  Check out their website, and stop by if you’re in the area.

Happy Fall,




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