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Looking for Inspiration…

Posted on August 13, 2013 by Beth Markel

I’ve been on a quest this year to find inspiration every single day.  What has inspired me and why?  How does inspiration change my day, my attitude, or my outlook?  How does inspiration translate into fabric, textile, and art?

So this is a quick post as I am running out the door for the rest of the week…first to Meijer Sculpture Park to spend the day walking about the sculpture garden.  I’ve only heard about it and seen photos, but what I’ve seen will lead me to their ‘front door’ tomorrow morning.  Coming from an artistic background, I simply love to see art/sculpture incorporated in a landscape, OR, a landscape CREATED to highlight the ART.  Can’t wait!

The next couple of days after that will be spent at AQS-Grand Rapids.  The show last year was really interesting, diverse, and inspiring.  If you’ve never seen the Egyptian Quilters at work, and have the opportunity to do so, grab it!  It’s a really interesting textile – looks like an oriental rug from far away.  I had never been to Grand Rapids before the AQS show last year, but discovered it’s a really fun & lively city.  The show is also held during ‘Restaurant Week’ downtown, so lots of steals & deals when it comes to grabbing lunch or dinner out.  It’s an inexpensive way to try lots and lots of new dishes.

Finally, we’re driving to the Michigan UP, one of my favorite places on earth, and will be watching the Persied’s lightshow – stargazing where there aren’t any street lights for miles and miles.  Can’t wait!

 I’ll take lots of pictures & post when I return!

Happy Quilting,




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