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Make it a BOLD, Colorful year!

Posted on January 2, 2013 by Beth Markel

I don’t really do the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing, and never have, but today I am starting something a little different, and plan to continue… it all began this Fall, which was a lovely, lengthy, beautiful time.  Everywhere I went, colors just seemed to jump out at me, and I was really struck by the relationships colors have to one another.  There really isn’t anything technical about what I liked, complementary colors (violet/orange or opposites on a color wheel) or analogous colors (color next to it’s best friend on a color wheel), just certain patterns I began to see with a new eye.  For example, the rusts and oranges were especially beautiful against a clear blue Autumn sky.  The yellows and golds simply glowed when near the brown branches, or the greens of Pine trees.

As a result of that inspiration, I’ve started looking for one new thing every day that catches my eye, recording it, and a couple of sentences that include either details, or how the color combination makes me feel.  If a color combination is subdued, HOW do I want to use it in my art?  If I see something bold or eye-catching, then WHAT made it catch my eye in the first place?  LOOK every day for something that inspires you, and begin to pay attention to the details of color…leaves in the Spring will be green… green-apple green, yellow-green, light green, bright green, sage, lime, kiwi, dusty green, etc.  WHEN I pay attention, what will I observe for the very first time?

Finally, I would encourage others to take on this challenge… not a resolution, but perhaps just to live more “artfully” and in the moment.  I’ve reached a place in my life where I would MUCH rather make art or quilts that are a tad zany or wildly colorful (which I have been known to do), than play it safe and end up with a piece I think is booooorrriiinnnggg!

Life is too short to make boring art!

Happy New Year!



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