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Nancy Crow Workshop in Muskegon…phew!

In preparation for a Nancy Crow workshop, especially one where you have “homework” even before the class starts…involves a week of planning, pre-washing, packing, prep and sewing.  Then a week of Workshop.  Then a week to recover!

It’s during the “recovery” phase where I sit on my back patio in the cool early morning, sipping hot coffee, and think about all that I’ve learned, and just begin to grasp the vast expanse of my ignorance.  Nancy’s classes are done at an invigorating pace – challenging what I know how to do, and what I have never even considered previously.

I love it.

The workshop was held in Muskegon, Michigan – a beautiful, old town right on the water.  It used to be a thriving city of industry, like much of Michigan used to be, but has lost most of the manufacturing there, and seems to be primarily a tourist destination.  The views of the water are simply breath-taking, especially early morning when the fog is just beginning to burn off.

This also used to be a thriving lumber town, as fir trees the size of redwoods were felled in the forests and sent to the many lumber mills which were busy year round.  There’s an excellent one-hour tour of the historic Hackley & Hume family homes – two of the lumber barons who established Muskegon.

2 1/2 Years to build...The exterior is magnificent!

2 1/2 Years to build…The exterior is magnificent!

Yes, that’s a bat carved into the ledge of the front staircase…

Hackley House, Muskegon

Hackley House, Muskegon

There is also an excellent Farmer’s Market right downtown.  It’s easily the best Farmer’s Market I have ever been to, and I seek them out when I’m traveling so I can eat local & fresh wherever I am.  This one is really top notch!

Heavenly peaches, just picked!

Heavenly peaches, just picked!

Finally, the workshop itself.  I’m still recovering!  This first exercise has (100 qty) blocks which are between ¾” and 7/8” finished.

Finished blocks <1"

Finished blocks <1″

Happy making,