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October Update – lots of pokers in the fire

Posted on October 31, 2019 by Beth Markel

There are lots of fun things happening in my studio the last couple of weeks!  First, almost finished with Old MacDonald’s Farm for our art guild, AQ-GO, Art Quilts Greater Oakland. It’s been hanging on one of my design walls for a couple of weeks now, but it just did not seem finished to me. This morning it dawned on me what was tickling my brain…I added shadow under the roof line of the salt box barn, and lightly shadowed the windows, all using a light gray fabric marker…but if there’s a shadow under the roof line, there would also be shadow under the animals and possibly the fence. I’ll take care of that tomorrow – working with fabric markers takes a steady hand – and I’ve already had 2 cups of coffee today! It is 18″ x 18″ square, and next month all of the children’s songs will be done so I’ll post some photos.

Old MacDonald Had a

Old MacDonald Had a Farm…ee-i-ee-i-OHHHH

Next is a project that I began in March and early April, 2018.  Darling Husband, DH, and I were staying in a hotel in Appleton, Wisconsin, where it was roughly a high of 10° but the cold and ice didn’t bother us as we eagerly awaited the birth of our first grandbaby. I had finished all the hand-stitching I brought along, so DH graciously indulged me and purchased a beautiful portfolio of blank art paper. Within a day or two, I had filled up about 20 pages of the book with design ideas, mostly based on the human form.  This is just the first step, but I began sewing strips together in moody blacks/blues/browns in what will be Human Form No. 15.  We’ll see how this goes, but I will keep you posted. These were just sewn together last night & pressed this morning, and I will keep sewing them into larger and larger fabrics over the next couple of weeks:

Human Form No.15

Finally, long before cell phones or smart phones with cameras, I carried a Canon AE-1 then a Canon Rebel wherever I went.  While I do that less and less, there are times when I really miss film. Film does something interesting and almost mythical with fog that digital cameras just cannot seem to duplicate. It’s important for my artist brain to pay attention to and note interesting moments that I often simply stumble upon, and yesterday morning, quite early, that happened when the sun was just beginning to come through the branches of trees and through the fog. Beauty in the everyday quiet moments:

Morning mist, 10-30-2019

Morning mist, 10-30-2019


Each of us has a unique voice. Each of us has a unique perspective. Each of us can make something beautiful today.






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