Beth Markel

Quilt National Entry & working in a series…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted to my blog, but if the pictures below are any indication, you’ll see what I’ve been up to.

The first piece, Spring Storm, is what didn’t make it into Quilt National.  Working in a continuing series, I limited myself to 2 color families (yellow and purple) because I was in a sudden storm years ago, when I was at a flower market in New York City.  It was part of a farmer’s market, and went from sunny to stormy in about 10 minutes, as spring storms are wont to do.  The yellow & white daffodil heads and bright yellow crocus petals, along with purple crocus and some deep purple hyacinth were flying off the stems and swirling wildly in the wind.  It was enchanting and exhilarating and a little scary all at once.  Over the years, I believe that storm became a metaphor for where I was in my life – young, single, a little smart and a lot wild.  Each of us has a Spring in our life.  We are learning new things, exploring the world and how we will relate to it, along with learning from our mistakes.

Yes, I eventually added some green & a little white, because it was authentic to my recollection, as well as adding needed dimension to the 2 base colors.


Spring Storm, 51"x57"H, Photo by David Roberts Photography

Spring Storm, 51″x57″H, Photo by David Roberts Photography


These new “blocks” of my 2nd in this series of 4, epitomize what will become a summer day.  Walking along the beach with your loved ones, and just taking each day as it comes, much like the tide that just quietly rolls in and out without much fanfare, is the summer of my life.  Raising kids and just rolling day to day is sometimes happy, sometimes difficult, always an adventure – much like a day at the sea. These are days that simply fly by, much like the summer season itself.


Work-in-Progress, A Summer's Day

Work-in-Progress, A Summer’s Day



I don’t know where each of you are in your life ~ spring, summer, fall or winter ~ but I know we each have limited time, so it’s important to create and make while we are able.

What are you making today?