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The Autumn Tour Continues…

Posted on October 1, 2012 by Beth Markel

So for the last 3 days I’ve been driving between Michigan – Ohio – Indiana, all where the leaves are turning, and the countryside, even from the highway, is alive with color.  I think the bright Red Oak trees are just showing off, and the yellow/orange Maples are a little jealous.  When the morning sun hits the turning leaves, it’s a glorious display…one could say, in fact, an inspiration:








OK, it’s true, I also love ice cream, and like to stop at different places when out and about… apparently Ice Cream may also inspire me:  both of these are flavors are at Young’s Dairy just outside Yellow Springs, Ohio…if you’re from the area, you know the ice cream is worth the trip!

Orange Sherbet:








Mint Chip:




It’s interesting to see how working in a series changes your perspective, even when addressing the same theme:  Autumn, 2011 work:  Line Dance #2

Line Dance #2


 Just completed this morning, although no binding yet, Leaves of Lothlorien, also based on the stunning turn of seasons we have here in the Midwest:

Leaves of Lothlorien


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