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1st Week of January 2013 – Inspiration

Posted on January 9, 2013 by Beth Markel

So, on my daily adventure to pay attention to what catches my eye and WHY, I have decided that my favorite every week will end up not just here, but in some project.  It’s a little hard to tell from this week’s pick, but the sweater is NOT orange as it may appear, but rather a really beautiful salmon color.  OK, so some of you are saying that ‘salmon’ is a shade of orange, and I think you are correct, but this did not READ as orange, but a lovely, soft, sherbet kind of color.  I’m sure people thought I was off my rocker, taking pics of store windows at Birch Run, Michigan’s outdoor mall, but I was really struck by the texture of the skirt, the tiny black line belt, and the softness of the salmon sweater.  The skirt is a very nubby tweed with gray, tan, black, brown, and a little bit of cream. 



 What about this made me stop and really look closely?  What grabbed my attention was the way the salmon color glowed, really warm and yummy on a cold, winter’s day and the CONTRAST to a very classic fabric and cut of the skirt.  I’ve never been a fashionista or particularly followed what’s hot and what’s not in fashion, but a couple of things this week in fashion caught my eye, and I think I might have to pay more attention to the DESIGN elements of current fashion.  Give me comfy jeans and a t-shirt to work in and sew in, and I’m a happy camper, especially if there’s a pot of soup on the stove while I’m working, BUT, next time I go to the book store, I might sit down for 20 minutes with a couple of the fashion magazines…just to see what catches my eye.

Now the tougher part of my personal challenge…how did this make me feel?  Was I inspired?  On a cold, windy, winter day, this lovely salmon sweater brought to mind spring tulips.  It was a little seed of hope in a rather gray day, and I like hope.  It made me wonder for a moment, “What would possess a developer to build an OUTDOOR walking mall in MICHIGAN?”  It can be darn cold and snowy here for many months out of the year, but I quickly dismissed this train of thought, since I was there shopping – and focused on ‘hope’ – which this outfit inspired.

Happy Sewing,




Wild Child on January 15, 2013

Love reading your blog! You have an amazing ability to use words to create... as well as using fabric to make beautiful art!

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