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3rd Week of Autumn…

Posted on October 16, 2012 by Beth Markel

Never before I have really enjoyed Fall to the extent that I am now.  It’s not that I haven’t paid attention, I have.  Fall meant leaves crunching under my feet as I rushed from place to place.  Shorter days meant football games on Friday nights, glazed donuts and hot chocolate at half-time, raking endless leaves from Sycamore and Locust trees.  But I’m paying attention differently now – the way the morning sun blazes the gold and orange leaves to life – the way Oak leaves turn red then will hang on all winter long as brown, dried, crispy fingers waving in the wind, and the way Hosta leaves turn bright yellow after the first frost.  One day last week I got up and it was 31° out – frost glazing everything in my garden – yesterday when I got up it was 61° – and I’m savoring the wild temperature swings, as I know soon it will be snowy and cold, day after day.  The CHANGE of season inspires me as never before…the color of orange sherbet at Young’s Dairy is exactly the same, luscious color of the leaves on my Maple tree…and the pumpkins resting on a wall, carved and ready for Halloween. 

Again I will ask…what inspires YOU? And more importantly…what will you, as an artist, do about it?


Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes…






VanHoosen Farm in Rochester Hills, MI…LOVE IT!



 Maples turning…



A friend of mine using these colors in a very traditional block…luscious oranges, burnt umber, warm yellows…


 Happy Fall,









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