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Posted on May 6, 2017 by Beth Markel

So I keep updating my design wall, but this week I’m expanding into the sink area because I’m doing a series of small projects and this is gel glue resist.  Starting with a 10″ square pfd fabric, I free-hand drew the rooster and just starting filling in the areas with color.  For these smaller projects I mix up a very small amount of the procion dyes and paint in the areas I want.  After the dye dries, the gel glue gets rinsed out, and I’ll move forward.


Gel Glue resist rooster

Gel Glue resist rooster

Next, this project just keeps rolling along, but I made a lot of progress with it this week, and I really like where it’s going.  For the first time, I think it may be a rather striking piece when I’m finished.


Design Wall Friday 5_5_17

Finally, it’s been warm enough in Michigan that our tulips and daffodils are finally in full bloom – just in time for 38° and blustery.  The wind and the rain actually turned some of my tulips inside-out, which, while unexpected, was quite beautiful.  Who knew?


Inside out tulips

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