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Darn Cold Inspiration…

Posted on January 28, 2013 by Beth Markel

This week my thermometer read -9° but with the wind it was about -25° and even for Michigan, that’s COLD!  What does that have to do with creativity – well, nothing, REALLY, except that I feel less creative when I’m inside day after day.  I’ve discovered that I love the sunshine, regardless of the temperature, but when it’s so cold that your clothing makes cracking noises as you walk, it’s much less fun to be outside actually enjoying the sunshine. 

So, today, since it warmed up to 18° (whoo-hoo!) I ventured out.  There’s enough snow that most surfaces are pretty and white, without there being piles of brown/gray snow left from the last time it was shoveled.  The sun was shining brightly, casting diamond-like rays about the horizon.  The ground glitters, and the trees glisten.  Even the icicles are catching the rays of sunshine and turning them into glowing crystals.  It’s all really rather magical.

As I stepped into our local grocery store, I was struck by the huge flower display, which almost always catches my eye, but especially so today as there were blooms which perfumed the air like night-blooming-jasmine on a balmy summer evening.  The lilies were especially fragrant, and in full bloom.  Suddenly the gray and cold of the week just melted away – I wasn’t warm, exactly, but I was suddenly quite content.  The yellow-white lilies were smiling in full bloom, and I was inspired.



 What about it do I find lovely – aside from the heavenly fragrance – I think the lines of the petals and the stamen are divine, organic, and fantastic – inspiring.

Happy Sewing in Winter,





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