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Posted on July 8, 2017 by Beth Markel

If you live anywhere that has seasons, real seasons, like 104″ snow in the winter, and 95° with 95% humidity in July, then you’ll know that seasons can be pretty short – at least Summer here in Michigan seems very short to me!  To wit, I’ve been cramming as much outdoor time in that I can, including gardening projects, home improvement projects, and yes, quilting every evening after the sun goes down.

As an artist, sometimes you just want things to be interesting, done right, and pretty.  Welcome to this week’s project, which was completed this morning.  At the west end of our house we have 3 stained glass windows, but which were completely unremarkable as they were encased in heavy black molding, which was apparently held together with about 1.5″ of caulk.  It’s taken 6 days, but the transformation is lovely, and pleases my artist eye enormously…







You would never have known that there was actually bottle-green stained glass in those big, dark windows, but here you go, finished and lovely.  What was an eye-sore is now really pretty.

Next is the gazebo garden I’ve been working on for about 3 years, finally filled in and also a really nice place to have dinner in the warm weather…

Outdoor dining

Outdoor dining

And now for the quilts:

2 just back from Ruth McCormick’s Long-Arm Quilting, both improv pieces:

Curvy Improv with edge-2-edge quilting

Curvy Improv with edge-2-edge quilting

Quilted but no binding yet - love how this turned out!

Quilted but no binding yet – love how this turned out!











Jasmine Wittner on July 20, 2017

Beth, I've just found your blog and connected the dots that you're the same Beth from the fb group for improv quilts I follow. I just wanted to say how beautiful your memorial quilt for your sister is, layer on layer of remembering, mourning and celebrating. Thank you for writing these touching posts.

Beth Markel on July 31, 2017

Thanks, Jasmine! It's been an amazing process - tears, laughter, joy, sorrow, laughter again, loss...

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