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Posted on February 25, 2017 by Beth Markel

Hi All,

Work continues on this project, which now has a vision, direction, and actual progress!  I’ve made numerous quilts now in a progressive study of ways we communicate called, “Escuchame: The Communication Paradox” and have thought intently about how many ways we are all linked together but how fewer and fewer real connections are made…facebook, where an ideal of us is found, to texting, where our thoughts are limited to 140 characters.  For many years I’ve struggled to create a piece about missing my sister  – she died of leukemia – more than a decade ago.  I still miss her every day.  I think about all the times we used to get on the phone when I was in college, or when our children were young and just talk and talk and talk.  I think about conversations we had while the kids were running through the sprinkler on a hot afternoon, or when we were shopping and stopped for lunch – because, you know, you have to spend an entire day at the mall if you’re going to go.  Oh, how we would laugh and laugh and laugh!

This quilt is beginning to represent to me, conversations that were interrupted – abruptly – because of her illness.  There was still much left to be said.  This really evolved in the last week, as I kept looking at these colors and being reminded of some of her favorite outfits.  The gold, greens, purples were all colors in the plaid skirt of the first “business” outfit she ever bought when she started work.  It was the first outfit she had that always had to be dry-cleaned…and no, I have no idea how I can recall that, but I can see her in it as clearly as I can see the computer screen in front of me.

I’ve also begun to drop yellow dupioni silk into this, as Barb loved textures – silk, textured clothing, satin jammies, woolie socks, fuzzy stuffed bears…and it reminds me of her.



Make everyday count!






Diane F Simancek on February 25, 2017

I like how this is developing....especially the sparks of aqua and orange.

Carolyn Solomon on February 25, 2017

What a colorful tribute to your sister. I love the bit about her plaid outfit and textures. Funny the things we can remember.

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