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DWF – Design Wall Friday

Posted on January 28, 2017 by Beth Markel

Just finished, quite literally, the binding for this beauty, #8 in a series about communication.  Here’s my artist statement for this piece:

“This is the 8th quilt in a series that explores visually how we communicate verbally. The vibrant colors resound with life, chatter, happiness, and hope. They work with equal vigor to combat the angst, sorrow, regret, and moments where we wish we could take words back.  These forces are often squaring up in opposite directions.  The use of scraps in this piece represents our thoughts, words, and feelings, during the course of a single day.  Choose your words wisely to prevent Misdirection.”

Finished it’s 54.5″ w x 55″ h, and I LOVE how this turned out!  Thanks to Ruth McCormick for getting this done in a very timely fashion!

Beth.Markel_Escuchame #8_Misdirection_FULL

On to the next project, and this one will probably not be very large, but I fished this squares out of a box from a workshop and am going to try and do something interesting with them.

Design Wall Friday 1_27_17

Until next time, make something beautiful!





Diane Simancek on January 28, 2017

I'm really liking the lavender/gold piece! Was this started in a Nancy Crow class?

Beth Markel on January 29, 2017

The template for these lines was started in black and white fabric at one of Nancy's workshops. Those B/W blocks ended up in a larger project, and these I made thinking I would do something in this color palette. Since I only made a handful, I set them aside, and just pulled them out last week, hoping to do something interesting with them!

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