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DWF – Design Wall Friday

Posted on January 21, 2017 by Beth Markel

First, this just came off of the long-arm and was quilted by Ruth McCormick on a pattern I thought would fit the crazy chaos of the top, but still have straight lines.  Variegated thread to keep it moving and I love, love, LOVE how this turned out!

Quilted but not bound yet

Quilted but not bound yet


Escuchame #8 quilted detail

After I pulled that off to begin binding, I began work on a piece started with some simple blocks I made about 3 years ago, exploring lines, how lines become connections, how connections become shapes….it’s the very beginning, but here’s my starting point:  the pieces at the top are about 1.5″ square, and the 3rd row in about 2.5″ square…

Gold and Purple beginning

Last but not least, I finished this little piece last year for the Cherrywood Lion King challenge.  The more I worked on it, the less I liked it, but it’s growing on me.  I just bought black beads to sew onto the black dots, and am liking it more and more.

Lion King before beading


What’s on YOUR design wall?



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