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Green’s Art Supply – A realistic work

Posted on March 28, 2016 by Beth Markel

Like many of us, I periodically take on projects or challenges.  First, I want to expand my skills or learn new things.  Second, because a challenge often keeps my ideas flowing – which often results in new work.  Third, because I just like a challenge!

This small piece is the final result of just such an experiment.  I am privileged enough to be part of a small, local art quilt group – Art Quilt Greater Oakland (AQ-GO) which meets on a monthly basis.

Like many small towns, there are numerous, local historical buildings in our downtown area, and we each took one (some took 2) to re-create in fabric.  This challenge was on before I joined the group, so some buildings were done already, some were tops waiting to be quilted, and some just in the planning stages.

So the work itself is layered techniques:

pieced brick work and stone details – the 9-patches are 3/4″ finished

TAP paper to re-create the store-front windows and front door

More piecing for the 2nd story windows, which really are very close to those shades of turquoise blue and gray

“Green’s” logo is fused then carefully machine-stitched

The “supplies” listed on the awning were embroidered on by the talented Mary Asmus for me (THANKS!)

Quilted with bamboo batting – 3 layers under the awning

fabric pens on the windows to create existing (real) shadows

Cardinal fabric fussy-cut and applique with some tiny nylon hand-stitches just to be sure he doesn’t go anywhere

Then, because the building was originally red brick, and painted white, some signs of “wear” using fabric ink and a small toothbrush

Green's Building Detail

Green’s Building Detail


So while not a large finished piece, a lot of detail and pretty realistic outcome.

These quilted buildings will be on display at the Oakland County Quilt Guild Celebration show this coming weekend if you live in the area.

Green's Art Supply

Green’s Art Supply

Now some cleaning up and back to my design wall!

Happy sewing,




Michele Lasker on March 29, 2016

Your art quilt is lovely! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Michele

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