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January’s Introduction to Improvisation

Posted on February 8, 2016 by Beth Markel

In January, I was able to teach one of my favorite classes:  Introduction to Improvisational Piecing, or Intro2Improv.  This was a fantastic group of students!  Oakland County Quilt Guild was able to use the Rochester location of St. Mary of the Hills multi-purpose room to hold the class in. Their facility is beautiful, and the hospitality was impeccable.  Thanks to all those involved!

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in art is stepping OUT of your comfort zone.  I’ve seen it 100 times – those who are willing to try new things are often timid at first, but upon discovering that there’s really no way to make a mistake, they embrace the freedom, and eventually bloom into something completely new.  It’s pretty exciting as a teacher to see this.

It’s also really interesting to watch as you can give exactly the same directions to a dozen artists, and they all create something completely unique.  That self-expression, that new voice, THEIR new voice, is always compelling!

Here are just a few of the blocks made in class…

Intro2Improv Class 3

Intro2Improv Class 4


Intro2Improv Class 2

Intro2Improv Class 1

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Kim Wolf on February 11, 2016

You are one of the most talented & remarkable women I know. I'm so glad you are my wonderful friend. Blessings from Ohio . . .

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