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Lemon Inspiration

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Beth Markel

I’m getting better at paying attention to the small things that catch my eye, including an ordinary, afternoon task that I’ve done literally countless times.  My Gram had a lemon tree in her backyard, in Sun City, Arizona.  She often sent us out to pick lemons, as she liked lemon in her tea.  When I was slicing these lemons this afternoon, that distinctly tart, slightly tangy scent filled my kitchen and I was transported to my childhood… spending summers in Arizona, lazy afternoons reading on the patio, scrubbing the bird bath underneath a blooming, pink Mimosa tree, sunburned shoulders and nose, cutting up carrots for the jack-rabbits, and having a cup of tea with my beloved Gram Day.


Tart, Lemony Goodness

Tart, Lemony Goodness



There might be a lemon pie in my future!

There might be a lemon pie in my future!


 Does this inspire me?  Yes, it reminds of my roots, my heritage, my family who has now passed, but I know is waiting for me… It makes me want to achieve that which I aspire to…as I have always been surrounded by those who believe in me.  In this endeavor, I’ve been asking myself these questions, and perhaps you might want to ponder them as well?

What makes me happy?

What makes me sad?

Why is art important?

What have I learned from failure?

What is my greatest success?

What will I pass on to future generations?

What am I afraid of and why?

What are 3 of your fondest memories?


Be inspired everyday,





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