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Limiting color but adding curves…

Posted on March 30, 2015 by Beth Markel

While traveling to Traverse City, Michigan last weekend, I came across an unexplored (read: “new-to-me”) quilt shop ~ Renee’s House of Quilting.  Is there anything better than having to move suitcases around the trunk to get more fabric in it?  And yes, that bolt in my hand might look like any other “ordinary brown” to you, but it has hints of both gray and green, and is also a “bright brown” making it an extraordinary find!  No, I’m not entirely sure what I’ll use it for, but I am certain I need at least 4 yards!

 This is a really fun, beautiful, interesting, eclectic shop.  Literally, “A House of Quilting,” from the front rooms to the kitchen, through to the back of the house, the entirely renovated first floor is fabric, projects, more fabric, 2 cutting areas, and fresh cookies, usually just baked.  What I love about a find like this is that there will definitely be something here that I haven’t seen before.  When you look at fabric, literally, every day, new things are very exciting!  There are walls of prints, solids (like a candy store to me!), batiks, oriental, baby quilt panels, seasonal, and some really great projects & classes.

The best of Renee’s, however?

Renee.  She is lively, helpful, thoughtful, and more than happy to answer questions.  On the way into Traverse City from I-75, we stopped so I could explore and “shop” and returned the next day after lunch so I could explore further.  When I walked in and asked about a fabric from the day before, she knew exactly which one of thousands that I was talking about.  That is somebody who knows their inventory really well, which is always an asset, when “red” comes in everything from apple, to cherry, to blue-red, orange-red, red-on-red, moda-marble red, pomegranate, poppy, etc…  I was very pleased to find such a great quilt shop.  Kudos to Renee and her quilting family.

Also a quick glance at what I’m turning some of Renee’s fabric into… shades of yellow, gray & white.  Each quarter of this circle is about 30″ so this work is 60″ x 60″ so far:

Gray & Yellow work in progress

So, Happy sewing & making art~

Beth <(((><



SueAnn Cole on April 30, 2015

Loved your show at Capitol City Quilt Guild. I really like your work. Could have looked at it for hours. I call unexplored quilt shop virgin quilt shops. Like to see new ones on every road trip I take. Hope to see you have a book out someday and maybe come to another group of mine. Sue Ann

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