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MARCH 7, 1953

Posted on March 31, 2013 by Beth Markel

I have taken the last couple of weeks off from blogging because I have been doing lots and lots of sorting through old pictures, reminiscing, working on a restructured piece that is really challenging, and then sorting through more pictures.  March is an interesting and busy month in my history, starting with March 7, 1953.  No, I’m not that old just yet, but this year would have been my parent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary.  Growing up, my mother would get out the portable record player just one special day each year, and play Lohengrin’s Bridal Chorus.  I never really kept track of that date as a child, but I always knew that it was my parent’s anniversary when I saw my sister’s pink record player on the dining room table.  If you aren’t sure which bridal march this is, link to this and listen:


Newlyweds, 1953, after a day of boating

Newlyweds, 1953, after a day of boating


40 Years later...still in love

40 Years later…still in love

My own wedding anniversary is March 23rd, so it seemed yet another reason to walk down memory lane.  John is an honorable man, a good husband, a devoted father, and a man whom I respect to the marrow of my bones.  Unlike my parents, who never, never had disagreements, John and I disagree regularly.  I think it’s our mutual, stubborn German heritages that clash – I’m too stubborn to admit to actually being kind of pig-headed!  He’s in the kitchen right now making dinner – I think I’ll keep him.  My Grandpa Day always brought “his bride” (of more than 65 years) American Beauty roses on their wedding anniversary …not just any old, red, rose mind you…but ALWAYS American Beauty.  My groom of more than 20+ years always looks for Sonia roses for our wedding anniversary, which are a pink/peach color.  This year he brought me 2 dozen and they are still blooming in a showy fashion!

Sonia Roses in full bloom are looking like summer peaches

Sonia Roses in full bloom are looking like summer peaches


As I said, I’ve been going through boxes of old photos and discovered lots of old Easter pictures, which I’m sharing.  It’s been a time for me to reflect on the places we’ve lived, the people who have shared our lives, continuity, and what Easter really means.  Christ is Risen…Christ is Risen, Indeed!

My Dad and my sister, Barb, her first Easter...

My Dad and my sister, Barb, her first Easter…


Barb, all grown up, with her daughter, Sarah, on her first Easter...

Barb, all grown up, with her daughter, Sarah, on her first Easter…

My and my daughter, Julie, on her first Easter morning...

My and my daughter, Julie, on her first Easter morning…


Our first Easter in Virginia...a beautiful, sunny morning!

Our first Easter in Virginia…a beautiful, sunny morning!

Sarah's first foil chocolate Easter eggs...

Sarah’s first foil chocolate Easter eggs…

On rare and happy occasion, my mother’s April birthday fell on Easter, and this happened in 1992…

Mom's Easter Birthday...cake AND chocolate bunnies!

Mom’s Easter Birthday…cake AND chocolate bunnies!

So all month long I have asked myself every day…what inspires me?  What catches my eye?  What do I want my art to say?  This whole month I am reminded that I’m grounded in a strong family.  I come from a strong family and am blessed by that.  John & I also created a strong family, and our children have roots,  therefore they can have wings without getting lost. 

Love inspires me.  Commitment inspires me.  Devotion inspires me.  Creativity comes from struggle and loss for a lot of people.  I respect that.  But for me, creativity most consistently comes from JOY!

What inspires you?






Kim W on April 1, 2013

You inspire me, Beffy. Always have, always will. Miss you.

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