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Meet Riley, part Golden Retriever, part Hyena

Posted on April 20, 2013 by Beth Markel

In my continuous search for things that inspire me and my creativity, I can only say that this has been a week that has taught perseverance.  I’m not really sure that perseverance inspires me, but I will say that as an artist, to discover who we really are, deep down, we must persevere in our studies, our discipline, our creativity…and sometimes in our problem-solving.

This is most easily discerned in photos this week…meet Riley – our rescue dog, whom we love to bits and pieces…most of the time.

Look, Ma, I brought you my food bowl again!

Look, Ma, I brought you my food bowl again!


When looking at quilts, textile art, weaving, needle-work, paintings, photos, sculptures, turned bowls, and metalwork, I often look meaning. 

“What was the artist trying to say?” 

“What DID the artist say?” 

“Does this ______________ make me feel a certain way?”

“Does this piece speak to me?”

All that being said, it turns out that I’m pretty flexible in what I find interesting, note-worthy, and memorable.  Some traditional quilts are utilitarian, and some traditional quilts take my breath away!  Some sculpture I have to walk away from and say, “Huh,” and some sculpture I could look at for days and days and days.  Turning my eye to modern quilts, I drew one up in my journal about a year ago…or at least an idea for one, which is now in progress.  The clean sensibility of modern quilts really appeals to me, as do the muted, interesting colors and the juxtaposition of taking something old and using it in a new way.

So…Riley, our wonder dog/rescue mutt…INTRODUCED himself to my modern piece.  Pretty sure he won Round 1…which brings me back to perseverance…and the depth of character I have as an artist.

Modern, shades of gray and cream...

Modern, shades of gray and cream…


You ATE my quilt?!

You ATE my quilt?!


Yes, that really is a photo of a CORNER Riley chewed off.  Taking deep breaths now…

Be inspired this week, and persevere!




Kim W on April 20, 2013

Well, Dearest, at least it wasn't your underwear. :-) Love you...

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