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Pushing the Envelope

Posted on December 10, 2012 by Beth Markel

I have mentioned before how much I like working in a series…  Have you tried it?  Do you have a pattern you love?  Take that pattern and begin pushing the envelope to make it your own.  Do you like New York Beauties – I know I do… now… make different sizes, work in only black/white/gray OR make them without a pattern, but free-hand cutting the spires!  Working in a series both allows and forces me to push whatever series I am in.  This is the next installment of the Line Studies – it’s number 13.  It’s about 40 x 50”  and I have already started the next one.


Lines of the Grapevine

 Series work allows us to manipulate just one element in whatever we are studying.  While parts of this piece are similar (“noisy”) to others, I worked at transition between the “noisy” spaces and the much quieter spaces.  I also very much like the strong dark areas when contrasted with the almost white/quite light areas.  I will continue to work in these patterns, as I find it just brings me joy!  How many things in your life bring you joy?

Finally, I had strips of fabric from the first 4 Nancy Crow workshops – all pinned to my design wall.  I began to think of using these in line-study quilts, but with a completely modern twist.  While this top is completely OUT of my comfort zone, I am pushing ahead, as it forces me to think outside the box.  Light, medium and medium-dark shades of gray become extremely important background when the design is this simple.  I don’t have any idea where this is leading, but that’s part of the fun!  The fabric is speaking to me!

 Happy Quilting!

Modern Line Study – In Progress


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