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Quilt #3 in “Seasons Series”

Posted on June 22, 2018 by Beth Markel

I started a series a couple of years ago with the intention of making 4 quilts, one for each season.  “Spring” has traveled about and won first place in the division of traditional blocks turned into something different at Road to California 2016.  It took a solid 14 months to make, and is still one of my favorite pieces.  “Summer”  has numerous blocks made, but I am wrestling with an image I may or may not want to include in it.  “Fall” is now in the works, as I started making blocks for it last week.  In a slight departure of the first 2 in the series, this one will be more “structured” which, for me, really represents the Autumn of life I have now entered.

The Spring label reads:

Spring Storm, 1st in a Series of 4 Seasons            

I believe there are seasons in our lives.  Spring happens when we’re young, a little wild, tempestuous, naïve, and turbulent…the beginning of growth.  Evolution.  Storms.  Setbacks.  More growth.  Beauty.  So stand back.  No, literally, stand back!  The only way to see the twister is to stand back a way, then be slowly drawn into the joy that is every single decision, every single choice, and every single piece that together, tell a story.

Spring Storm

Spring Storm

So here is the beginning of Autumn or Fall, still full of life, but really colorful, and filled with love of family and our first grandchild. It’s busy, beautiful, fun, but also a changing of the seasons, where I go from Summer where my own children were growing up, to a season where change is embraced and celebrated, in a beautiful, colorful way.

The finished block is 3/4″ x 3/4″ and no, you did not read that incorrectly.

Having spent a fair amount of time outdoors, hiking, camping when we were quite young, lots of time on the lakes near our house, as well as living in the shadow of the Shenandoah trails in Virginia, I can tell you that Tulip poplars are golden yellow; Shining Sumac, bright red; Hickory, a lovely golden bronze; Oak (which keeps their leaves until new spring growth pushes it out) are red, red-brown, or russet, and Dogwoods a deep red shade. I think piecing this small can be tedious, so I crank the tunes and am working on this a little every day.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Seasons Series 3_Autumn  blocks

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