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Using Black/White photos to determine color value in your quilts

Posted on October 14, 2017 by Beth Markel

Hi all,

I’m updating my design wall, first with what it actually looks like:

 DWF_10_13_17 Color


 And now in Black/White.  Often, when I get towards the end of a project, in this case one that is meaningful for me, I switch to B/W photos to look at the distribution, not of color, but of VALUE.  Value does all the work, but color gets all the credit!

DWF_10_13_17 Black and White


Are there ebbs and flows, or light and dark areas?

Is the value fairly flat across the entire piece?

Do I want more or fewer dramatic value changes?

Does any one area look too light?

Does any one piece or area stick out like a sore thumb?

In this case, can you tell where I begin to move to a completely dark tone, without a harsh line, but just movement into dark?

 I love the design process.  This pieced tribute is pure expression of what I think all of my unfinished conversations with my sister look like.  Relationships, especially with a sister, are complicated, funny, messy, loving, ridiculous, bickering, competitive, back to loving, but mostly enduring.  It’s the enduring part without her being here that’s hard.

Be kind today,





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