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Posted on May 20, 2017 by Beth Markel

So I was on vacation last week…or stay-cation, but working with tree guys taking down 2 huge locust trees in our front yard, moving plants I was trying to save, getting 20,099 steps in a single day, and getting a new cell phone, which I’m using to take more pictures.  It’s been interesting!  I really love technology, until it doesn’t do what I think it should do, then it’s more of a challenge than a tool.  But here goes, using my new Samsung 8 to take photos.

I LOVE how this quilt is just coming along, and I’m genuinely, deep in my spirit, enjoying the process now.  If you haven’t been following, this did not start out as a tribute to my sister, but it took on that mantle, and working on it has been more therapeutic than I could have possibly imaged.  The quilt itself is growing (roughly 60″ now) as I add slightly larger pieces in some areas, and smaller pieces in others.  We all work through grief in different ways, at different speeds, and with different out-comes, but here is the quilt in process:

Steady growth

Steady growth


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